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MMORPG or simply MORPG is short for Massively Multi-player Online Role Playing Game. This is where a large number of individuals interact in a virtual plane. Just like any RPG, players would assume the persona of a fictional character, and would shoulder the actions of that character. The MORPG is differentiated from multi-player/single player RPGs by the persistence of the "world". The game's publisher usually hosts, and the world keeps on existing and changing even if the person is logged off.

Common denominators of the different MORPG offerings

Many of the different MORPG offerings have changed, but the following are downright common:

  • The system of the MORPG products -- The character development would entail varying points and levels.
  • The economy of the MORPG offerings --This is based on the trading of items, such as weapons. A consistent currency is also utilized in this genre of online games.
  • The clans in the MORPG -- These are groups of players, and they may or may not be supported by the game.
  • The game masters of the MORPG -- These persons are in charge of "running" the world. Participants must either buy the software (one time charge) or dish out a monthly fee (subscriptions) to be able to join. Some major offerings on the MORPG genre mandate that players do both of these actions.

History of the MMORPG or MORPG

The history actually goes back to the seventies. The birth of the MORPG could be seen all the way back to the text-based Multi User Domains or MUDs, the first of its kind invented by Roy Trubshaw and Richard Bartle in the late seventies. Such games ran on the private kind of servers, and players would link up to the games via a Telnet entity. The gameplay was akin to the tabletop RPG kind like the classic Dungeons and Dragons, just to say one example.

Graphics: The key to a great MORPG experience

Graphics is perhaps one of the most important keys to have a notable MORPG experience. The graphic cards with the GPUs (Graphical Processing units) resulted in the making of 3-D incredibly-alive "realities". Another key is the storyline. Indeed, there is now that kind of MORPG whose storyline or plotline can become very intricate, although it may start out as simple. There are adventures with elaborate twisted plots, and hiding at the correct moment is just as crucial as the ability to aim a gun from a long distance.

MORPG and the sexes

Many MORPG offerings present fantasy realities full of dwarves, orcs and other fantastical creatures. Also, in MORPG, players can choose the sex/gender of their avatars. What this further means is that an MORPG contestant could choose the opposite sex for his or her avatar. Some studies claim that more than 80 percent of MORPG players are men, and that men are up to five times more likely to do 'gender-bending'.